Fueling early-stage mobility tech company. We invest in exceptional
companies across USA, India and proprietary opportunities
launched out of Elluminati Ventures Studio.

Skin in the game is core
of our building strategy

Operating makes us better investors, investing makes us better operators. We’re not just funding companies, we’re actively building and operating — and using all those insights to guide our founders throughout their entire journey.

Investing in Startups
Across USA & India

Partnering with Founders to Go Further

Elluminati Ventures Capital pursues three distinct
investment types.


We invest in Seed to Series A financings as lead investors.


We invest in Seed, Series A, and Series B financings alongside a trusted lead investor.


We invest in proprietary opportunities launched out of Elluminati Ventures Studio.

Community Amplifies Impact


Year-round events that provide ongoing value, learning, and networking to founders and their teams.


When founders join the High Alpha portfolio, they get access to our robust network — ranging from executives and entrepreneurs to universities and SaaS disruptors.

Scale Your Business

If you’re looking to grow, we’d love to connect.